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    Where are the swing sets manufactured?

    All of our playsets are made in our 16,000 SF Facility, located in Atlanta, GA. We’re always manufacturing so our stock levels remain high! But we’re not just cutting the wood and sending it to you. We’re actually prepping, sanding, routing, and pre-drilling ALL the pieces before you get it. We are even pre-building most of the annoying parts for you, like the Fort walls and floors so your installation will be easier. (Yeah, we know other companies won’t do that for you.)


    Can you make customized playsets?


    We sure can. Give us a call and let us know what you like. We’ll be happy to design it for you.

    I’ve seen all different kinds of wooden swing sets. What kind of wood do you use in your swing sets?

    There are a few options when it comes to wooden swing sets. You can find sets made of Cedar, Redwood and Pressure Treated Pine. Most swing sets today are made from kiln dried pressure treated pine because of its strength and resistance to rot, mildew, and bugs. Our playsets too are made of Pressure Treated Pine. 

    Wait, I think I heard that pressure treated wood is dangerous. Is this true?

    Pressure treated wood of today has a bad rap because it used to be dangerous. 20 years ago, wood manufacturers put chemicals into wood that proved to be a carcinogenic if touched or handled in large quantities. So the wood industry came together and banned those kinds of pressure treatments. Today’s pressure treatments are perfectly fine and are used universally by the wood industry. 

    How long will my swing set last?

    If you take good care of the swing set, meaning you reseal or paint the wood at least every 2 years, the swing set will last 20+ years. The wood will still go through its natural aging process, but will still be good and strong.

    Why does my playset appear to have wood that is showing cracks?

    Wood intended for outdoor use will develop cracks. The process of wood cracking is called "wood checking". The checks will develop on the surface of the wood as a result of the natural tendency of wood to absorb moisture and then dry out again causing separation of the wood fibers. It is part of the weathering process of all wood exposed to the elements. You will see this same checking process in any outdoor wood surface (like decks). Checking affects the appearance of the wood but not the strength of the wood. As a general rule, if you cannot insert a piece of paper one inch into the wood on a swing beam for example, the integrity of the wood is not compromised.

    Is the size and height of the fort deck important?

    It sure is. Size and height of the deck are important for two reasons. Firstly, the size (the square foot area) determines how many children can play up there safely. Many swing set manufacturers try to lure you in with smaller forts (3x4 or 4x4ft) that are less expensive to produce and cost less. But don’t be fooled by their fancy picture. Your kids will quickly outgrow these small swing sets.
    Our fort sizes are all 5x5ft, some of the biggest in the industry. Your kids will certainly enjoy this large fort well into their early teens, and this size fort can safely accommodate 3-4 kids at a time. The height of the fort deck is also important. Firstly, the higher the fort deck, the longer the slide will be going down. Believe me when I tell you that your kids will prefer a longer slide. Secondly, the height of the fort deck also determines the height of the swings. Taller forts mean wider swing arcs, and this too is certainly more fun for kids (trust us).


    What is the swing set weight limit?

    The weight limit of the fort is 500 lbs & the limit for each swing is 200 lbs.