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    February 05, 2023 3 min read


    Psst…Want to know one of the most effective ways to help your kids get to know the neighbors and adjust to a move almost instantly? Keep reading…

    New Kids Can be Lonely Kids

    Unless you’re Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jon, or Jordan (skip this reference if you were born in the 1990s or later), being the new kid on the block can be really rough. They need to adjust to a new environment, a new home, and a new school. And worst of all, every one of your friends is left behind. This kind of situation makes children irritable, insecure, frightened, and even depressed at times. But as parents, we can help our children transition into a new neighborhood without the emotional scars that would otherwise be left.

    Sharing is Caring

    When your child moves into a new school or neighborhood, it’s a good idea to have them bring something fun that all the kids in the class can enjoy. This will automatically get the other children talking and interacting with your child, who will be viewed as caring and fun for the fun novelty.

    This concept can be taken one step further for even more effective results. Invite your child’s class over (or in batches if the class is large) to play on an awesome swing set. All children love playing on a swing set. There are limitless possibilities to the adventures, games, and fun you can have on one of these jungle gyms, and kids maximize them to their fullest.

    When you set up backyard playground equipment, you are automatically supplying your child with the setting for instant friend-making and fun. Tire swings, slides, and fort decks provide the kind of ammo imaginative kids love to create hours of entertainment, and because swing sets are so expansive, there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy.

    Plus, playground equipment will teach your child important social skills, develop his brain, and exercise his body for better coordination, thinking, and interacting.

    More First-Rate Parenting Tips for Easing That Adjustment

    In addition to providing a fun and spacious arena for creative play that will help your kids make friends faster and more easily, there are other ways to assist your child in their quest for companionship after a move. Try some of these expert pointers:

    • Before you move in, take a drive over to one of the local parks so your child will be less intimidated when you actually move.
    • Go to public places like parks and arenas frequently at the beginning to give your child ample opportunities to make new friends.
    • Join a community committee or group; if there are children’s groups like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, sign them up as well. The more opportunities your son or daughter has for making friends, the more likely he or she will.
    • Talk to your child and teach social skills so kids will want to play with him. Discuss important points like sharing, self-control, respect, empathy, bullying, and communication.
    • Keep your home open to your child’s friends. Nobody wants to go to that house where the mom is always yelling or there are so many rules that playtime becomes a chore.

    Learn it All!

    Want to know more about how wooden swing sets can enrich your child’s life, friendships, and general health? Then check outThe Ultimate Swing Set Guide for Parents. It’s free and loaded with great information that any parent will appreciate about buying backyard playground equipment for their little ones.


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