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    May 22, 2017 3 min read

    Moving is an incredibly stressful experience for most children. They must leave behind all their friends, their neighborhood, their school, their home, basically everything that is familiar to them. Many kids have a difficult time adjusting to the new situation, and it can take months or even years for a sensitive child to fully acclimate after a move.

    Parents are always searching for tools to help their children cope better with this trying situation, but did you know you could have one of the most effective instruments for creating a smooth transition right in your own backyard? A wooden swing set offers children many opportunities for friendship, fun, and emotional freedom, and they have proven time and time again to make these difficult periods in children's’ lives go faster and easier. Surprised? Don’t be. Here are 3 ways that a backyard playset will help your kids weather the storm of moving.

    #1: Instant Social Interaction

    One of the hardest parts of moving to a new neighborhood is leaving your friends behind. Many children have a difficult time making friends, and having to say goodbye to the ones you’ve cultivated already is tough. The trepidation of then having to go through the process of making new ones all over again can be paralyzing for kids. A swing set addresses this issue head on, and alleviates the problem in the easiest of ways.

    When kids are playing, many barriers come down, so getting your children active and playing with some new kids is the fastest way to help them make friends. Whether they do it on their own or they require a little behind the scenes orchestrating, set up playdates for your kids with classmates and neighbors. Once there, direct the kids straight to the swing set, and watch what happens.

    Between the imaginative play that will be triggered from the big, wide structure of the playset to the care-free fun of swing competitions, tag games, and races down the slide, kids’ initial hesitations quickly vanish into the fun. Friendships can easily blossom over the planks of quality playground equipment.

    #2: Teachables

    In addition to providing the open opportunity for kids to come and play with your child, a swing set also teaches children valuable social skills that will make them more likeable by others. Interacting on a jungle gym, kids learn how to take turns, not to push, how to compromise and cooperate, and solid communication skills. These are all invaluable tools for life, and they will also make it easier for your children to make friends since they will have the verbal, emotional, and social skills needed.

    #3: Emotional Outlet

    With emotions running high during this stressful period, it’s easy to forget that kids need to process their feelings as well.Wooden playsets have been statistically proven to reduce stress in children, help their brains function better, and allow kids to just let loose and be themselves without any pressure. It also gives them an opportunity to process all that occurred throughout the day. This is a tremendous benefit to a child who is going through a stressful situation like a move.

    As a physical outlet for their stress, swings help kids reset their equilibrium so they can go about the rest of their day and start a new one with fresh perspective.

    And that doesn’t even cover all the other benefits that kids and parents glean from owning a backyard playset! ReadThe Ultimate Swing Set Guide for Parents, and see how you can gain the tremendous benefits that a swing set brings with it.

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