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Swing Set Accessories That Make Playtime Fun!

Swing Set Materials

What’s more fun – watching a movie on the couch or going to the theater, buying a box of gummy bears, munching on buttery popcorn, and wearing funny 3-D glasses? Obviously, the more involved an experience, the more fun and memorable it will be for everyone. That’s why swing set accessories matter.

Of course kids will have fun swinging on any old swing, but if you can give them a richer, more elaborate experience, why not do it? Here are some exciting swing set accessories that you can incorporate into your backyard playset to make the whole play experience even more enjoyable than ever!

Glider Slide

A glider slide is a neat twist on the popular kids’ swing concept. You still get the energizing and liberating feeling of a swing, but now you get to do it with a friend. A glider slide is a straight panel that runs parallel to the ground with seats at either end and cut-out handle bars for hand and foot placement. Children swing or glide back and forth as the slide is suspended by durable chains from the swing set.

Designed for two kids to play together, glider slides can help kids with coordination, social skills, and learning to let go and have fun. Invest in an exciting glider slide if you are looking to give your kids something that’s a little different than the typical swing set accessories.



Nobody really needs convincing when it comes to a hammock. Just mentioning the word conjures images of lazy day summer afternoons swaying in the breeze without a care in the world or a responsibility to think of.

While their lives aren’t as responsibility-laden as adults’, kids have a tough time, too. School is hard, lessons are confusing, classmates are mean. What better way to de-stress at the end of a trying day at school than to be enveloped by a soothing hammock that lets you just sway your troubles away? In fact, studies have shown that the calming effects of swinging on a hammock can settle the brain, induce a more peaceful sleep, and can even help alleviate common back pains.

Bottom line, hammocks are a great gift for anyone who could use a little relaxing down time throughout their day (i.e. everyone!).

Toddler Swing

And let’s not forget the little guys. While they may be smaller, their joy is no less profound as babies and toddlers gleefully kick their feet dangling out of a toddler swing. Install a toddler swing for your littlest ones, so they can be out in the sun and fresh air along with their siblings having fun.

The best part of adding a toddler swing early on is that you can get so much use out of it. For every child you have, you can pull out the toddler swing, reattach it to the playset frame, and let the little one have hours of fun! When your toddler outgrows the swing, simply detach it and store it for the next one.

And remember, swing set accessories can be added onto your original playset frame whenever you want. So you can purchase one every few months to keep the excitement high and the momentum going! Check these top purchasing tips for parents, and get the swing set of your dreams when you read the valuable advice in The Ultimate Swing Set Guide for Parents..

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