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    March 05, 2023 3 min read


    Kids are great – they’re adventurous, curious, energetic, and full of life. They are also fascinating sponges that we can teach almost anything to if said properly. Teaching kids swing set safety is so important and it’s really not that hard if you know how to approach the subject with your kids.

    Parents can give over these basic playset guidelines in a fun and firm manner, so kids learn the lessons and incorporate this type of behavior into their everyday play routine to make playtime fun and safe for everyone!

    What you should SAY: Don’t push! You’ll get your turn, but pushing will just cause a fight and could cause someone to get really hurt by falling off of the playset deck. Same goes for no pulling or jabbing.

    What you should KNOW: More swing set accidents occur from falling off of a high deck than any other type of playground equipment injuries.Approximately 2.8 million children are treated for falls from playground equipment each year.

    What you should SAY:Look before you leap! Also remember to touch a slide, swing, or swing set accessory before you hop on. Especially in the summer, swing sets can get really hot!

    What you should KNOW:Even temperate weather can cause playsets to heat up to dangerously hot degrees. Plastic and metal swing sets and the asphalt around the playset are susceptible to this type of heat exposure; wooden swing sets will not rise to such temperatures as to burn the child.

    What you should SAY:No tying ropes to the swing set. This means pet leashes, string, jump ropes, clotheslines, and anything else that you can tie. No not even your shoe laces, Tommy!

    What you should KNOW:This may not seem like a serious offense, but in fact it is the #1 cause of playground equipment fatalities. Strangulation can happen from any type of rope, and children only add further concern by tying various strings and ropes to their playsets. Parents should also be careful not to let children wear clothing with loose drawstrings for this same reason.

    What you should SAY:Never run in front of the swings while someone is one it. Don’t jump off of the swing set while it’s in motion, and do not monkey around while swinging on a tire swing either. Swings are for sitting only!

    What you should KNOW:More than 65% of backyard playset injuries have to do with swings. Kids need to be taught not to play around the swings while they are in use because children can easily be knocked down or hit in the face by a moving swing. Children also have to learn the right way to use a swing in order to keep this healthy playtime toy enjoyable and safe.

    What you should SAY:And if you see something strange or dangerous, run and tell your parent. You’ll never get in trouble for coming to mom or dad because someone or something made you uncomfortable.

    What you should know:Stranger danger is a real threat even in your own backyard, and accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Children need to know that they can and should come to you immediately if either of these things occurs. This is an important and empowering safety tip that kids should learn from a young age. Teach them to dial 911 as well in case of emergencies when no one is present.

    Bottom Line

    We all want to provide our children with a safe and secure environment to play in, so let’s give them the tools they need to succeed. Teach kids these quick and easy swing set safety tips, and let everyone enjoy this healthy and fun outlet together! For more safety tips, grab your free copy of The Complete Guide to Swing Set Safety.


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