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    April 03, 2019 3 min read

    When it comes to buying a swing set, there’s a lot to be said for making the purchase online – you can browse loads of sites, compare prices and features, and organize delivery…while still in your pajamas. But there might be even more to be said for heading into the good old brick-and-mortar store, and buying the swing set there. Let's compare our two options…

    Why Buy In-Person

    Why would you buy a swing set in-house when you can order one online?

    The hands-on approach has several advantages, the most obvious (and most important) one being that you don’t need to use your imagination to see what you’re getting.

    No matter how many reviews you read, no matter how many measurements you take, no matter how many times you compare structural materials, seeing the whole thing constructed – touchable, shakeable, even climbable – is simply helpful. Too many consumers end up returning (or just being dissatisfied) with what amounts to a sizeable purchase simply because they don't really understand what they're buying in advance – purchasing a swing set in person eliminates this unknown factor.

    You may have to worry about getting the playset home, and you might even have to shell out a little more for a delivery fee, but you are likely to have great confidence in your purchase. After all, you know what you’re getting.

    Why Buy Online?

    Your benefits to buying online are what they always are. And then some.

    The “usual” includes being able to buy on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own home. You avoid the trek to the store, negotiating with overeager salespeople, and the potential frustration when you discover that the structure you are trying to buy is only available at the next store over, 35 miles away.

    The added benefit is that there is no expectation that you’ll transport the swing set home. And while this is true of just about every online purchase, it should be a significant consideration in your swing set purchase. Swing sets don’t fit in cars. Not even in SUVs. Basically, you have to treat your new swing set as if it’s a very large piece of furniture.

    Tips for Buying a Swing Set Online

    For those who do want to order a swing set online (and many do, for any number of reasons that go far before transporting the swing set home), several pointers will help ensure customer satisfaction.

    1.  Recognize that buying a swing set is an investment, and it should not be made hastily or off-the-cuff. After all, you’re fundamentally building a playground in your own backyard!
    2.  Be sure you know the different options out there, and the advantages and benefits to choosing the structure you’ve chosen (from configuration to material to measurements, etc.). Do you want a wooden swing set, a plastic climbing toy, a metal jungle gym?
    3.  Survey not only the product information provided by the seller, but also any and all reviews by previous customers to determine whether the product under consideration is really what they are looking for. That goes for the photos (and any videos) that previous customers have posted online. You can obtain a vast amount of information by reading reviews well.
    4.  Don’t forget the fine print. Make sure that the company’s customer service is truly there for you. Call them with all your questions. Gauge how you like their answers.

    It's a Matter of Preference

    It should be noted that there is no right or wrong way to purchase a swing set. All new owners should do their research to make sure that the new structure that is likely to play an important role in their children’s lives is safe (first and foremost) and also fun. At the end of the day, how you purchase the structure may depend most on your personality, and whether you’d rather be hands-on, and with easy access to product experts, or if you like clicking through a purchase from the privacy of your own home.


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