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    March 01, 2023 3 min read

    This Q&A is the latest in a blog series featuring questions submitted by some of the parents (and even grandparents) who reach out to us on a daily basis. We've started documenting our answers and the subsequent conversations for the sake of you and other parents out there who might be asking the same questions about choosing, buying, setting up, maintaining, and enjoying a wooden swing set for their family.

    For today's Q&A, Cameron Thompson, father of 3, would like an estimate of the total cost of setting up a wooden swing set.

    Question: How much will setting up a wooden swing set cost me? Can you give me an estimate of the TOTAL cost?

    - Cameron Thompson, Father of Jessica, Teddy, and Leslie

    Answer: An informed consumer is a smart consumer! Many companies will try to hide some of their service fees, but The Swingset Co. isn’t like that. Here is a complete rundown of everything that we include in our price as well as what you as a swing set owner can expect to pay on top of the playset price.

    Preparing the Land

    Whether or not your land needs preparation is a matter to be discussed with a competent contractor. Be in touch with a professional and trusted agent to work out pricing, procedure, and necessity.


    Most swing set companies will charge for delivery. This is a major expense and so the company is not willing to shoulder the amount. The Swingset Co. understands that you are paying for a quality wooden swing set, and not for all the details surrounding it. That’s why we offer free shipping on most of our playset orders. It’s our way of making things as simple and cost-efficient as possible for our customers.


    This charge is completely optional. Some people enjoy the feeling of pulling out their tools and getting the job done on their own. If this is you, you can get that satisfying feeling of a job well done easier than ever thanks to our simple construction aids. To make things easier, we’ve:

    • Put the really tricky pieces together already. This means you won’t have to spend hours putting thousands of pieces together. The Swingset Co. has already assembled the complicated parts like the deck floor, and certain walls, so all you have to do is attach them and enjoy.

    • Pre-drilled the screw holes for you. This is actually one of the most important and difficult steps, which is why we do the hard work for you. Inexperienced DIY-ers can easily split the wood while trying to drill holes, ruining their swing set before it’s even gotten up and running. With pre-drilled holes, all you have to do is insert the screws, but the path is already there for you to follow.

    Of course, if you’d like a professional to do the assembly and installation for you, it won’t cost you as much as it does with other companies. We charge around $300 depending on the set. The reason we can charge you so little is because these playsets are easier to assemble and so, take less time.

    Surface Material

    This is not necessarily something you would think of on your own, so we’re pointing it out to you. Surface material is the most important purchase you’ll make for your wooden swing set because it will keep playtime safe for everyone. The surface material is the material you will spread out beneath your backyard playset and it acts as a buffer between your children and the hard ground in case of a fall.

    How much the surface material will cost you depends on which material you choose and how big of an area you are going to cover. From sand to mulch and poured in place rubber, the options are many and varied, so read up on each to decide which is right for you.


    Of course there are a few other small expenses such as the yearly sealant, bleach for cleaning the swing set occasionally, and the periodic screw to replace, but these won’t break your bank. As with anything you purchase, regular maintenance can cost a few hundred dollars annually or periodically, and it is well worth the small investment to upkeep your kids’ playground equipment.

    That’s your playset cost breakdown in a nutshell. If you still have more questions, we are always available to help via live chat, phone, or email support, so be in touch.

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