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    May 21, 2017 3 min read

    What’s the best gift a dad could ask for? Winning the Father of the Year Award from his kids, of course. Because when all those gizmos, tools, and trinkets fade, the love and admiration your kids have for you will still be going strong. So how do you solidify the title of best dad ever? That’s easy! Buy your children a wooden swing set, and guarantee your nomination for that coveted role :)

    Not convinced? Here’s a few ways that an outdoor playhouse can become your ticket to daddy stardom.

    Some Assembly Required

    Just like kids often have more fun with the box that a big flashy toy comes in than the actual toy itself, watching something come together can be a huge part of the fun. If you’re daring enough to let your kids pitch in and lend a hand while you assemble your playset, you can be sure their delight will only be multiplied!

    The beauty of prefabricated playground equipment is that you can actually give your kids tasks to do to make them feel like they’re really helping out. Since the heavy-duty lifting, drilling, and assembling is already taken care of with these prefab jungle gyms, some of the steps that you are left with can be done by children (supervised of course), giving them a sense of accomplishment, importance, and competence. Those are values that money can’t buy.

    One on One Time

    It’s no secret that spending quality time with our kids makes the kind of priceless deposits into the bank account of self-worth, connection, and enduring relationships like nothing else can. Outdoor playsets are designed to give parents and kids serious one on one time, and you can really take advantage of the opportunity by selecting the best swing set parts and accessories for the job.

    Tire swings work best when dad is swinging the kids around and the invigorating spin keeps kids coming back for more. Bigger kids will appreciate their father standing at the base of the slide, and smaller children will love the security and comfort of dad holding them as they slide from the top. Play to your kids’ preferences, and find the right combination of swing set accessories to maximize your quality time together.

    Eradicating Fears...Safely

    Most kids will have an initial fear of climbing, standing on tall surfaces, swinging too far or fast, or the like. This makes playground equipment the ideal forum for helping our children overcome these fears safely and within the comfort and security of our warm embraces.

    Be the dad that helps his son face his fear of heights by climbing up onto the fort and sitting with him as he gets used to the world from this new perspective. Sit with your daughter on the swing until she gets comfortable with the wind rushing past her face and is confident enough to do it on her own.

    By bringing these experiences home to your own backyard and holding their hands as they encounter these new sensations, you give your children the time and space to explore and conquer their inhibitions from the safety of their own familiar turf

    Win the Award Today!

    Weekends will never be the same once you’ve introduced a wooden swing set into your kids’ lives. Win the father of the year award this year by giving them (and yourself!) the gift of priceless memories to come.